“Civil Bank Nepali Bachat Khata” is a savings account that can be opened by individual depositors. The target market of this savings account includes individuals from all walks of life who require a decent return on their deposits requires the flexibility to deposit or withdraw funds and enjoy the salient features associated with the product. The target market includes all types of depositors, specifically the unbanked population of the country and other types of securities. This product aims to create a healthy savings habit of the customer while offering an attractive rate of interest and compete in the marketplace. This would increase the overall deposit figures of the bank to remain competitive and maintain the regulatory requirement of the retail-institutions deposit ratio.

Basic Eligibility Criteria

Every customer can open this account as minimum balance is not required to maintain.



  • Free Cheque book.
  • Free MasterCard Debit Card for the 1st year.
  • Free Internet Banking for the 1st year.
  • Free Mobile Banking for the 1st year.
  • Unlimited Deposit/ Withdrawals
  • Deposit insurance up to NPR 200,000 through Deposit and Credit Guarantee Fund.
  • Accidental death/ Permanent Disability insurance up to NPR 500,000 or four times the deposit amount (maintained at the time of accidental death), whichever is lower.


Rates & Fees

Rate of Interest: 6.00%
Interest Rate Calculation: Daily basis
Interest Rate Posting: Quarterly basis


All required documents as per the Bank’s KYC Policy and Directives of Nepal Rastra Bank.