‘Civil Bank Laganikartako Khata’ (CiBLKK) was initially targeted towards investors seeking to invest in shares of Civil Bank Limited. One of the primary aims of the product was to attract greater number of customers during the Initial Public Offering of the Bank when customers who were applying for Civil Bank shares would be required (as mandated by law) to open a savings account. CiBLKK was developed as a savings account product for investment-savvy customers who would invest in Civil Bank shares. The current market scenario now dictates that this target market be altered to allow all types of investors to apply for the CiBLKK account and enjoy the salient features of the product. Investors who have invested in shares of insurance companies, hydropower companies, various commercial banks, finance companies, development banks and other types of companies will now be eligible to open this savings account through all the branches of the Bank.

By expanding the target market, this type of a savings account aims to attract potential customers to the Bank and contribute to the increment of its account base. The current implementation of the ASBA (Application Supported by Blocked Amount) system is expected to provide a massive boost to the number of applicants wanting to open a savings account with the Bank. The CiBLKK savings account can be linked with the ASBA system. This type of an account is expected to provide convenience while investing in shares of various companies through the Bank by the customers.

Basic Eligibility Criteria:

Investors are eligible to open this account also customers are required to maintain NPR 1000/- 

  • E-Banking and SMS Banking facility (charges applicable)
  • Waiver of Debit Card fee (for first year only).
  • 40% Discount on safe deposit locker rental charge (key deposit shall be taken in full).
  • 25% Discount on Draft issuance.
  • Free Account Statement on a Quarterly basis (upon request).
  • Option of linking this account to the ASBA system for convenient processing of the share applications and refund post allotment.
  • Assistance in DMAT services through Civil Bank subsidiary[1]. Options to link this savings account to DMAT account for individuals. Assistance offered for services include:
  • Opening a DMAT account
  • DMAT of securities
  • Re-materialization of securities.
Rates & Fees:

Rate of Interest: As per SIR
Interest Rate Calculation: Daily basis
Interest Rate Posting: Quarterly basis


All documents as per Bank’s KYC Policy and the directives of Nepal Rastra Bank.