Civil Bank have launched Gold Savings Account on December 27, 2010 after the successful offering of the Silver savings accounts and Platinum Savings account in the same year. The Silver saving and platinum saving covered general and high net worth customers where the Gold Saving was targeted for mid-level earning group of customers respectively. The products have been continued since then with good percentage of active high net worth interest sensitive customer base, which in this review has been incorporated with specific features with main motive to retain and value the customers. 

Basic Eligibility Criteria:

Customer holding balance NPR 25000

  • 50% rebate on Loan processing fees and commission on banking services such as issuance of Demand Draft and SWIFT Transfers.
  • Free Debit Card MasterCard for the first year.
  • Free Internet Banking for the first year.
  • Free Mobile Banking for the first year.
  • Free Cheque Book.
Rates & Fees:
Interest Rate Calculation: Daily basis
Interest Rate Posting: Quarterly basis

All documents as per Bank’s KYC Policy and the directives of Nepal Rastra Bank.