Loan against primary security of dematerialized shares.







Basic Eligibility Criteria:
  • Individuals/Firms/Companies
  • Shares of Companies listed in NEPSE & approved by bank to be pledged
  • Shares to be transferable in bank’s name


Both OD nature and Demand nature loan can be provided

Loan Limit

Minimum NPR 0.5 mil and maximum as required.


-Minimum margin of 65%

-Loan is calculated up to 65% of the average value of the pledged shares as calculated on the basis of closing price of previous 180 working days or prevailing market price of shares, whichever is lower

-Drawing power is calculated on weekly basis

Payment of margin shall be called in case of fluctuation in value of the shares

Repayment: Subject to renewal (OD only) upon satisfactory performance.


Rates & Fees:

Interest Rate: Competitive rate and charges.


Collateral/Security: Pledge of shares with Security Exchange Board in Bank’s name