Home Loan


Construction of residential building, purchase of apartment.

Furnishing and renovation of residential building/apartment.

Purchase of land for construction of residential house.

Loan Limit: Minimum NPR 0.3 mil. to Maximum NPR 80.0 mil.

Insurance: Comprehensive policy as per banks’ clause.

Basic Eligibility Criteria:

EMI should not be more than 50% of income of borrower along with other family members.

Minimum age of borrower should be 18 years not exceeding 70 years.

Rates & Fees:

Interest Rate: Competitive rate and charges.

Repayment: Minimum tenure of 5 years and maximum tenure of 35 years or age of 70 years (EMI basis).



-Mortgage of property

-In case of allotment of flat/ buildings, a tripartite agreement shall be executed amongst Developers, Borrowers & Bank

-Personal guarantee of person(s) acceptable to the Bank shall be obtained.