• Availability of credit limit: The facility will be provided in the form Overdraft Card where customers can use the limit whenever they need
  • Interest payment on quarterly basis, principal limit is renewable on yearly basis
  • Operative Account: through customers saving Account that will have both AIP and AIR based on the debit or credit balance on EOD.
  • Hassle free procedures: No firm registration required – Every Household whose major business is farming will be eligible to receive this facility
  • Full Valuation of the collateral is not required – Limit will be provided on the basis of Governments rate of the proposed collateral where farm land can also be accepted.
  • No register mortgage of the proposed FAC – Facility will be provided after having  at least Thado Rokka and internal mortgage document
  • Cheaper interest as the product will be segmented under government Agricultural Subsidized Loan having 5% of interest reimbursement from the NRB
  • Delivery of secured loan, loan security through FAC Thado Rokka and Credit Insurance through DCGF
  • Written Application in Nepali
  • Citizenship Copy (Original document should be verified by RM) of the borrowers and Guarantors
  • Recent Passport size photos of Burrowers and Guarantors
  • Land Ownership Certificate of the proposed FAC
  • Copy of latest property tac paid receipt
  • Blue print Map clearly indicating the proposed FAC
  • Four Boundary Certificate