Civil Bank's MasterCard Debit Card comes with many great features and benefits:

Civil Bank MasterCard Debit Card Features and Benefits

  • Easy access to your account
  • Prompt service
  • Open 24 hours and 7 days a week
  • Cash Withdrawal services
  • Fast Cash Withdrawal
  • Statement Request
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Pin Change
  • Can be used for purchases of merchandise through POS
  • Highly economical to obtain and use
  • No service charge on use at Civil Bank's ATMs

MasterCard Debit Card (Domestic)

  • Valid in Nepal & India only

MasterCard Debit Card (Dollar Pre-paid Card)

  • Valid all over the world except Nepal & India


  • Review debit card purchases and check your monthly statement online at your convenience using Civil Bank's Internet Banking facility

Important tips

  • Treat your card like cash and never keep it lying around
  • Please keep your PIN in a safe place at all times
  • Do not keep your PIN with your Debit Card and do not disclose your PIN to anyone
  • Always keep your PIN secure by remembering it
  • Your card is only for your own use
  • Please sign your Debit Card immediately on the signature panel