The most convenient way of payment for these exams and annual registration fees is by paying the fees online through the use of a debit/credit/prepaid card.  As the amount for such payments is relatively nominal, in order to economies the cost for payment and to provide efficient/prompt payment service to the customers, Bank shall pay such fees through an official Civil Bank International card on behalf of interested students.

Basic Eligibility Criteria

This service holders be available for Nepalese citizens only, this services shall be available to both account holders as well as non-account holders of the bank.

  • TOFEL scores to Universities
  • SAT
  • GRE
  • GMAT
  • ACT
  • ACCA Exam
  • ACCA Annual registration/membership fees
  • SEVIS Fees for I-20 Documentations
  • Immigration Fees
  • Any new service fee payment other than mentioned above shall also be applicable for making Online Payment.
Rates & Fees

Charges: NPR 500.00/-


The applicants shall have to submit a completely filled application form requesting for the payment of the concerned examination fees along with copy of identification document. The Identification document may be copy of citizenship or a copy of valid passport. Copy of any other supporting documentation evidencing the requirement for payment may also be obtained subject to availability.